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Hazardous Material Classification and Review

We will review the Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) provided by our clients to determine the hazard classification of each chemical.

After the chemical classifications have been determined and the desired quantities have been allocated, we are then able to provide our clients with the appropriate storage conditions and options as allowed for by the California Building and Fire Code.

It's the law! When people must deal with hazardous materials in the workplace, ensuring that they have enough information about these materials to handle them safely is sound common sense.

Classification is the first and most critical step to successful hazardous material management and transport.If a material is classified incorrectly, it will also be packaged, marked, labeled, and handled incorrectly. Innacurate classification can cause a serious injuries to employees, carriers, emergency responders and general public.

Our expertise covers:

  • What is a DOT hazardous Material
  • The classification process
  • Determining your materials hazards
  • Determining packaging group
  • Miscellaneous Hazard Materials ( Class 9 )
  • Special Issues in hazardous materials classification

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