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High Piled Combustible

Premier Fire Consulting LLC, will relieve the burden of the Fire Code and Fire Protection compliance from you and your staff and provide a clear direction for code compliance.

All available options and alternatives will be provided, discussed and resolved to allow for the best solution to meet your warehouse needs. Provide us with your specific requirements or limits of your building and we will do the rest.

We will coordinate with your racking contractor, fire sprinkler contractor and the Authority Having Jurisdiction in order to accomplish this task. All of our projects are produce electronically in AutoCAD; this will allow electronic delivery of plans anywhere in the Country in a matter of minutes.

Commodity Classification

Through our standard "Commodity Description" form and via a survey of your products, Premier Fire Consulting LLC, will be able to establish the commodity classification as out lined in chapter 23 of the California Fire Code.

This will allow us to lay the basis of design for the proper protection of your commodities being stored.

Hazardous Material Classification and Review

We will review the Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) provided by our clients to determine the hazard classification of each chemical.

After the chemical classifications have been determined and the desired quantities have been allocated, we are then able to provide our clients with the appropriate storage conditions and options as allowed for by the California Building and Fire Code.

Preliminary and Final Plan Review

On your behalf, Premier Fire Consulting LLC, is able to conduct extensive code research for your particular situation and provide you with our review and analysis of the applicable code requirements for your project.

Occupancy Review / Classification

Based on the type or use of your facility, Premier Fire Consulting LLC, will provide you with the occupancy type and classification for any given use as described in the California Building Code.

CFC Technical Reports

Premier Fire Consulting LLC has the capability to provide our clients and the Authorities. Having Jurisdiction with technical opinion reports based on the California Fire Code and other nationally recognized codes/standards.

The report will be prepared to address all issues related to the client's needs.

AutoCAD Drawings and Layouts

All of the High Pile Storage Plans are prepared in AutoCAD 2010 format

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Premier Fire Consulting LLC - High Pile Cumbustible and Preliminary and Final Plan Review
Premier Fire Consulting offers Hazzardous Material Classificaation and Review
Premier Fire Consulting CFC Technical Reports